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Actively Seeking Debt & Equity Investment Opportunities

2011 Representative Transactions



Senior Debt
Mezzanine Debt
Preferred Equity

Gladstone Investment Corporation, together with a private equity sponsor and management, provided debt and equity financing to support the acquisition of Channel Technologies Group.

CTG, headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, is a vertically-integrated manufacturer and supplier of piezo-electric ceramics, transducers and complex systems and services. For more information on CTG, please visit: www.channeltechgroup.com



Sr. Second Lien Loan
Preferred Equity Common Equity

Gladstone Investment Corporation, together with management, provided debt and equity financing to support the acquisition of SBS Industries, Inc.

SBS, headquartered in Tulsa, OK, is a manufacturer and value-added distributor of specialty fasteners and threaded screw products.




Second Lien Loan
Preferred Equity

Gladstone Investment Corporation, together with Montlake Capital, The Mustang Group, and management, provided debt and equity capital to support the buyout of SOG Specialty Knives and Tools, LLC from MCC Capital Partners, LLC.

SOG, headquartered in Lynnwood, WA, designs and produces specialty knives and tools for the hunting/outdoors, military/law enforcement, and industrial markets. For more information on SOG, please visit: www.sogknives.com




Subordinated Loan Preferred Stock Common Stock

Gladstone Investment Corporation provided equity and debt financing together with the CEO to support the recapitalization of Mitchell Rubber Products.

Mitchell Rubber, headquartered in City of Industry, CA, develops, mixes, and molds rubber compounds for specialized applications in the non-tire rubber market.   For more information on Mitchell Rubber, please visit: www.mitchellrubber.com




Senior Debt

Gladstone Capital Corporation provided debt financing to support the acquisition of Ohana Media Group.

Ohana Media Group which owns and operates radio stations clustered in Anchorage, AK and Astoria, OR. For more information on Ohana Media Group, please visit: www.ohanamediagroup.com



Senior Debt Subordinated Debt Preferred Equity

Gladstone Capital Corporation, together with management, provided debt and equity financing to support the acquisition of North American Aircraft Services Inc. by private equity sponsor Mangrove Equity Partners.

NAAS, headquartered in San Antonio, TX, repairs and maintains aircraft fuel tanks and fuel systems through 20 locations in the US, Europe and Panama. For more information on NAAS, please visit: www.naasinc.com



Senior Debt Subordinated Debt

Gladstone Capital Corporation also provided debt financing in an add-on transaction for NAAS' acquisition of Aircraft On Ground, Inc.

AOG, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, repairs and maintains aircraft fuel tanks and fuel systems through 13 locations throughout the U.S. and Europe. For more information on AOG, please visit: www.aoginc.com



Revolving Line of Credit
Senior Debt
Subordinated Debt
Equity Co-Investment

Gladstone Capital Corporation provided debt and equity financing together with CEO Tom Halyburton to support the acquisition of Westland Technologies, Inc. by private equity sponsor, Mangrove Equity Partners of Tampa, FL.

Westland, headquartered in Modesto, CA , primarily manufactures radar and acoustic absorption tiles that are applied to the hulls and interiors of U.S. Navy submarines and surface ships.  For more information on Westland Technologies Inc., please visit: www.westlandtech.com




Management-led Buyout
Debt Financing
Equity Financing

Gladstone Investment Corporation sold its equity investment in and received partial redemption of its preferred stock and invested new subordinated debt in Cavert II Holding Corporation. This recapitalization allowed the Cavert management team to purchase the common equity owned by Gladstone.

In October 2007, Gladstone made its original equity investment and provided debt financing in support of a management-led buyout of Cavert. For more information on Cavert Wire, please visit:www.cavertwire.com



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