Revolving Line of Credit,
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Last Out Tranche Loan,

Gladstone Capital Corporation provided financing to Anitox Corporation which manufactures patented and FDA-approved antimicrobial (mold / bacteria inhibitor) additives for animal feed and feed ingredients (Termin-8) and animal feed manufacturing technology (Optimoist). By killing the bacteria and mold in feed, the Company's product eliminates a common source of pathogens to animals and, as a result, improves their health. For more information please visit www.anitox.com

Sr. Subordinated Loan
Gladstone Capital Corporation provided financing to Clinton Aluminum and Stainless Steel which is a supplier of custom cut aluminum sheet, plate, bar/extrusions, angle as well as stainless steel. Clinton has focused on serving customers in the Midwest and Great Lakes region that require small batches of custom cut metal, and Just-in-time (JIT) delivery service at competitive prices. For more information please visit www.clintalum.com.
Sr. Term Loan, Last Out
Tranche Loan, Subordinated
Loan, Preferred Equity
Common Equity
Gladstone Investment Corporation provided financing to A. Stucki Company which is a designer, manufacturer, and re-conditioner of products used in the construction and repair of railroad freight cars. New products offered include side bearings, hydraulic stabilizers, friction wedges, and brake beams and re-conditioned products offered include freight car truck components, car wheels, and draft gears for the railroad industry. For more information please visit www.stucki.com
Second Lien Term Loan
Gladstone Capital Corporation provided financing to Badanco Enterprises which is one of the leading outsourced manufacturers of moderately priced fashion oriented luggage in the U.S. The Company prides itself on being the leading player in bringing fashion oriented designs and styles to the mass market. For more information please visit www.badanco.com.

The Gladstone Companies are leaders in all types of financing to private, middle-market companies in senior debt, subordinated debt, equity and real estate sale/leasebacks.

For more information, please visit www.gladstonecompanies.com

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Chris Massey- McLean,VA
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Bob Pierce- Chicago,IL
John Weller- Spokane, WA
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